Omni Mediation charges an hourly rate of $240 plus applicable expenses, which will always be approved by the client before the expenses are incurred. Discounted daily rates may be negotiated. All fees are due 48 hours before services are provided. Hourly rate applies to time spent in mediation sessions and preparation time. A $120 non-refundable deposit is required to get started. If we go on to contract for further services, the $120 will be applied to the first bill.

The default option is to split the fees evenly between the parties, but by no means does this need to be the arrangement. Fees will be paid in one of the following ways – by the Client (if there is one), by one of the Parties (by agreement of all parties), evenly split by all parties (the default option), or as negotiated at the outset of the process (if an alternative arrangement is negotiated – all terms are confidential and the terms of each individual agreement shall not be revealed to the other parties and each party is wholly responsible only for the portion they negotiate. Unequal fee payments in no way alter the service provided. We will not allow such arrangements to impact our commitment to an omnipartial conducting of the process where we are fully on the side of all parties at all times.)

OmniMediation Fees